In short about Pension Litigation Data

Database and Analysis of Pension Litigation Decisions

The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act and global class action filings put pension fund lead plaintiffs front and center. At the same time, 401(K) and traditional pension plan fiduciaries are increasingly being named as defendants. recognizes the urgent need for more information about pension litigation. With over 1,500 cases and more than 100 classification codes, this research tool provides invaluable information about a variety of ERISA and public pension litigation cases. Plan sponsors, general counsel, transaction attorneys, litigators, regulators, compliance officers and advisors enjoy numerous benefits, including unlimited access to the Subscribers-Only website.

Decision-makers can save hours of time and gain otherwise hard-to-find intelligence about pension litigation issues. Users can search by case type, circuit, plaintiff, defendant, docket number, key terms and much more. Circuit commentaries written by and for attorneys are available, and cover a wide variety of issues brought down in pension-related litigation. Understanding the nature of skyrocketing pension-related litigation is critical. Assessing trends, evaluating case precedents, tracking fiduciary hot button issues by circuit, case type and time to settlement are just a few of the information tools you will find here. This unique collection of retirement plan lawsuits reflects a growing concern about fiduciary process.