Cited in Governance Article

Journalist Rachel McMurdie addresses the relationship between good pension governance and litigation events. In “Investing in Good Governance: Subprime-Related Losses Stir Up the Conversation,” the January 2008 issue of The Institutional Real Estate Newsletter credits Pension Governance, LLC founder, Dr. Susan Mangiero, as saying “People must pay closer attention to the proper identification, measurement and management of investment risks. That includes making inquiries about how their fund managers deal with risk, how they value thinly traded securities and the extent to which they employ leverage.” ERISA attorney Steve Rosenberg with The McCormick Firm” predicts more lawsuits. “The problem we’re seeing consistently is that [pension funds] don’t do sufficient investigation.” He adds “They don’t bring in sufficient expertise and they get blind-sided.” Reference is made to, notably the large number of cases being added each quarter. Click here to read the article.

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