Respecting the fact that ERISA litigation is a complex composite of both procedural and substantive law, (“PLD”) has created an extensive subscriber resource center that allows PLD subscribers to review litigation highlights, procedural primers, and substantive case law in the context of particular case holdings. Presented in a practical, easy-to-read format, PLD’s “Analyses by Circuit” provide subscribers with a unique opportunity to understand ERISA in the context of current, relevant legal precedent. Our “Analyses by Circuit” are arranged according to the federal judicial circuits. This allows subscribers to gain valuable insight into the evolution of ERISA in their respective judicial circuit without the added confusion of having to filter geographic constraints.

Once you have a handle on the law of your Circuit, you can review “Analyses by Topic” if you are interested in learning about a particular area of ERISA litigation, absent geographic filtering. Our “Circuits and Type Codes” provides statistical data on the number of cases per topic and the number of cases per circuit.